Legal Malpractice

The team of attorneys at Cochran Davis for more than 26 years, has proactively defended hundreds of lawyers and their firms against claims of legal malpractice. We specialize in representing small to mid-range firms as well as sole practitioners. The types of underlying legal issues we have litigated and resolved range from entertainment law, real estate, land use, personal injury, family law, employment and labor law, commercial litigation, probate and trust, patent litigation, real estate, tax, collection, workers’ compensation, bankruptcy, products liability, criminal law, environmental law, intellectual property, insurance law and malicious prosecution. We have litigated these matters in federal and state courts and through binding arbitration. We have also represented lawyers who have been brought before the state licensing agencies for disciplinary proceedings.

We are cognizant of the need for the utmost discretion in addressing sensitive issues that may adversely impact the reputation of a lawyer accused of wrongdoing by his or her client. We therefore approach the defense of legal malpractice issues with the greatest vigilance, handling them in a highly confidential manner.

The key to resolving most legal malpractices claims is to have a relationship of complete candor. This allows for a full and complete evaluation and assessment as part of the initial litigation process so that mediation options can be fully explored at the beginning of a case and at every stage thereafter.

Critically important as well is the need to educate lawyers on preventative measures to avoid or minimize exposure to claims for legal malpractice. We have considerable experience in providing continuing legal education and risk management for lawyers on an annual basis. As part of such education we provide summaries of the latest California case law and statutory updates regarding legal malpractice and related causes of action typically brought against lawyers and law firms.