Architects & Engineers and Miscellaneous Construction Professionals

The attorneys at Cochran, Davis have represented architects, engineers, appraisers, surveyors, home inspectors and environmental consultant as a cornerstone of their practice for two decades. Typically, design and related construction professionals become part of large construction defect cases. Many times there are important limitations to potential exposure to liability that do not apply to the general contractor or subcontractors. Our focus is to provide an early assessment regarding such exposures and poise the claim for mediation or summary judgment. With our extensive background in litigating construction defect matters, we have the ability to communicate and quickly assess the issues regarding drawings, plans, specifications, change orders and AIA contracts wording that may be at issue. We also have well-known contacts within the construction industry to obtain highly experienced mediators and experts to assist in resolving these claims quickly and efficiently if at all possible at the initial stages of litigation.